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Time Review and Invoicing Services for MSPs


The Five Chances 

  1. When we Triage the Ticket

  2. When the engineer does their time entry

  3. When we move the ticket from Completed to Closed

  4. When we review and approve the time sheet

  5. When we prepare and review the invoice.

Sea-Level Back Office is here to help with steps 3 through 5

Don’t Let Invoicing Get You Down 

Let Us Handle it For You

The M.A.T.C.H Process

  • Meet your business needs and pain points : We take the time to listen to your concerns and understand your challenges so that we can tailor our services accordingly.

  • Conduct quarterly business reviews to review progress and plan ahead : We conduct quarterly business reviews to review progress and plan ahead with you to ensure we're meeting your goals and identify areas for improvement.

  • Align our services to your needs : We'll explain how each of our services can help you address your pain points and improve your business operations - minus the pushy sales tactics

  • Help you get value with efficiency tracking : We use efficiency tracking to ensure you're not overcharged for our services and get the most value possible.

  • Talk regularly to ensure satisfaction and answer questions : We'll conduct regular calls to ensure your ongoing satisfaction, allow open and frequent communication between us, and answer any questions you may have.

Sea-Level Back Office, Optimizing Invoicing Practices for ITSPs


Enjoy On-Time, Accurate Billing Every Month

There's nothing more satisfying than watching those previously billing chaotic tasks fall into place like a perfectly choreographed dance routine. With Sea-Level Back Office, you can confidently say goodbye to the stress and uncertainty of managing your finances and time. Clients who have been with us since the beginning (and clients who have come back after making a switch) agree that our solutions are invaluable in ensuring their financial success and freeing up their time to focus on growth and development. By implementing our well-oiled system of invoicing and time management processes, you can simplify your back-office operations.

Our Services

Time Entry Review and Correction

Our team meticulously reviews and corrects time entries using manage by exception rules to find errors

and if necessary, returns them to the engineer or primary contact for further review and correction.

Ticket Review and Closure

We thoroughly review ticket for accuracy, make necessary corrections, and return tickets to resources for revisions. Once the completed tickets are verified, we promptly close them.

Time-sheet Review and Approval

Our experts carefully review and submit relevant information to our point of contact for rejection or approval ensuring they are error-free and meet all requirements.

Time and Materials Invoicing

Our invoicing service includes creating T&M invoices for non-agreement work, zero-dollar invoices for agreement work, project invoices with actual rates and fixed fee , down payments, and progress, as well as credit memos and miscellaneous invoices as needed.

Agreement Invoicing and True-Ups

Our skilled team provides invoicing and True-Up services that involve researching and entering agreement quantity changes, creating invoices, and completing historical reviews to compare the previous month and find significant changes in billing.

Get on the Fast Track to Billing Success

Ensure precision, save time, and enhance cash flow with our invoicing and time review services.

Ditch the Firefighting Mentality and Adopt Proactive Strategies for Long-Term Success

As a managed service provider in the tech industry, you understand the importance of efficient billing for your business's success. But let's face it, spending countless hours each week putting out fires in your billing system, reviewing time entries, creating invoices, and following up on payments is tedious and takes away valuable time from more pressing matters. Ineffective invoicing practices can lead to delayed or incorrect invoices, which can cause havoc on your Accounts Receivable (AR) and disrupt cash flow. Sea-Level Back Office can alleviate all of these problems by taking time review and invoicing out of your hands.


Create Time Savings and Extra Capacity for Owners,  

Managers, and Accounting Staff

Learn Why the 5 Chances Work

The Sea-Level Back Office Advantage

Sea-Level Back Office offers time review and invoicing assistance to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in the Tech space. Our business practices started in 2007 when we worked for a large MSP, allowing us to gain extensive industry experience and recognize the pain points that MSPs face. This led to the creation of our official offering in 2016 as a part of Sea-Level Operations. We continued to grow and evolve with a focus on delivering the highest quality service to our clients. In July 2021, we took the next step and became a stand-alone company. Our journey has been one of learning, growth, and commitment to our clients. We look forward to continuing to provide exceptional back office services to MSPs as Sea-Level Back Office.

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Our Five Chances

Sea-Level Back Office is committed to ensuring that invoices are accurate and error-free. The "5 Chances to Get an Invoice Correct” proven invoicing process drives us.

  1. When we Triage the Ticket 

  2. When the engineer does their time entry

  3. When we move the ticket from Completed to Closed

  4. When we review and approve the time sheet

  5. When we prepare and review the invoice.

Sea-Level Back Office is here to help with steps 3 through 5

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